Our Favourite Baby Carriers

Our Favourite Baby Carriers

For thousands of years, in cultures across the world, parents have worn their babies in wraps and slings. Western 'civilisation' has been slow to catch onto baby wearing, but in recent times there has been a huge increase in the range of stretchy wraps and baby carriers available locally.

The key thing to using a baby carrier successfully is finding a carrier that's easy to put on, is comfortable for you and baby and gives you the confidence that your baby is secure. If these 3 things aren't right, you're not likely to enjoy baby wearing or find it a successful way to calm your baby.

Baby-carrying done properly is very safe! Always follow the carrier instructions exactly and/or learn how to safely use your carrier from a qualified baby-carrying consultant who has had expert training in baby wearing safety.

In particular pay special attention to ensuring the baby's airways are always totally clear and that your baby is fully and safely supported by the carrier.

All carriers are designed to be used with the baby in an upright position, held securely and firmly in the upright position. Never use the cradle or lying down position with a baby carrier, as this can compromise your baby's airways. Special care must be used when bending. Hold your baby with one or both arms if you are bending and avoid bending from the waist.

Carriers are not designed for hands-free use when bending.Carriers are not designed to be used in situations or activities where it wouldn't be safe to carry a baby in your arms. For example: running, jumping or biking.

Essential Safety Checks

While there are numerous different ways of describing how to carry safely, all the different points come down to 2 essential factors:

  • Airways
  • Hands-free 


Can you see, feel or hear your baby breathing?

Ensure fabric isn't over your baby's face.

Keep your baby's face above and clear of any squishable chest material - i.e. above your breasts!

With a newborn, this often means wearing a buckle carrier higher on your waist and creating a deeper seat to ensure the back panel is not over the baby's face or head.

Hands free

Do you feel confident you can be totally hands free?

If you need to hold your baby, when you are standing upright, then your carrier isn't safe for hands-free carrying.

When bending forward, support your baby with at least one hand.

Check you are following the instructions or get some hands-on expert help.

Baby's comfort

  • Newborn hands are up by face
  • Fabric is smooth on baby's back
  • Knee to knee support
  • Pelvis tilt - Knees higher than bottom
  • Natural shape of spine is supported

Wrap Carriers

Joey Mama Baby Wrap Carrier

Best Baby Carriers

The wrap carrier is the carrier that comes to most new parents' minds when they think of baby carriers.

Wraps are a great solution for baby wearing beginners and are especially great for newborns. Wraps are best from birth (3 kilos) to around 12 months (8-10 kilos).

The stretchy Wraps are made from a beautiful and lightweight 94% Modal 6% Spandex. The material is super soft and gentle for comfortable everyday wear. Joey Mama have 11 exclusive colours and prints to choose from and are suitable from petite to a size 24 or XXXL.

The biggest advantage that our Wrap Carriers offer is the ultimate hands free carry for your newborn baby.

The wide shoulder passes mould to your body and provides a great protective and supportive strap to hold your little one's head against your chest, the same way as your hand would instinctively caress a baby's head in a natural hold.

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Ring Sling

Chekoh Sling

Keep your options open with a beautiful ring Sling carrier. These are best from birth (3 kilos) up to 2 years (15 kilos), making them a great option for those toddler years after they have outgrown the stretchy Wrap. Chekoh baby sling carriers are made from a beautiful and natural lightweight bamboo/linen fabric blend, which is exclusive to Chekoh.

The ring sling designs also offer an added head and neck support with 3 easy steps to transform you carry:

-Take the tail of your sling and twist

-Fold the tail back onto itself so it doubles in thickness

-Roll down the top rail of your sling and tuck the tail into it securely to produce a soft cushion like padding for your baby to rest their head and provide support for the neck.

Chekoh baby currently have 6 styles. The Ring Sling carriers are suitable up to a size 24 or XXXL.

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Best Baby Carriers
Best Baby Carriers

Soft structured carrier

360 All Positions Baby Carrier 

Soft structured carriers are the most popular on the market due to the fact they are built with extra padding to support babywearing up until 36 months. The ease of sliding over each shoulder and clicking some straps make it a fast and smooth assemble process for both baby and parent.

Newborn ready Pearl Grey Omni 360 comes in a Cool Air Mesh option perfect for the Australian climate, it grows with you from week 1 to 36 months and the crossable shoulder straps give a personalized fit.

-Ergonomic, forward facing option

-Adjustable from newborn to toddler

-Lumbar support for extra back comfort

-Includes detachable storage pouch

-Breathable, lightweight all mesh carrier

Best Baby Carriers

Backpack carrier

Karinjo Child Carrier

Best Baby Carriers

Karinjo Child Carrier has been designed and tested to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient way for you to carry your child on outdoor adventures.

It has a fully adjustable harness for both child and adult, and you can effortlessly switch the harness mid-hike.

A contoured hip belt evenly distributes load carriage and reduces fatigue.

This backpack carrier is suitable for ages 7 months all the way up to 4 years .

With so many options of baby carriers in the market now, it's not a question of whether to include one in your newborn must-haves or not, it's a question of which one is right for me to ensure my baby carrying journey is comfortable and enjoyable.

Share with our community your favourite carrier brands below in the comments and thanks for reading x

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