Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys

Riff Raff Bedtime Books

As day draws to a close our tired little Riff Raff Sleep Toy characters prepare for bed - and sleep.  Join us as we take a peek inside the home of your favourite toy and learn the words to our magical lullaby tune to share with your own little one. 

Designed specifically to be used as daily part of the evening routine our gorgeous book will help establish and reinforce the loving bond between little ones and their favourite Riff Raff & Co character as well as building their positive association with bedtime.  

Special book time ✔️
Snuggles and cuddles ✔️
Reinforces special bond with toy ✔️
Continue building positive sleep association ✔️
Loved one singing words to lullaby...   The ultimate combination! ✔️✔️✔️

This high quality board book is sure to become your essential go-to bedtime book.
Illustrations have been done to allow each character their own special book but story and prose is the same in each book.  

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