Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Space in Your Place

Many parents today choose not to create a gender specific nursery for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in setting a soothing space for your baby that doesn’t reflect gender, there are some tips and tricks to doing so. Read on to check out some cool themes, decorating ideas, and colors that will help you create the most perfect space in your place.

Woodland Theme

Have you ever considered creating a nursery that reflects a woodland theme? Think beige and brown tones, jute rugs, chunky knit throw pillows, and furry blankets! Many parents choose to add framed images of baby woodland animals, like squirrels, fox, and deer; and even antler accents. Plants can adorn shelving, and wood can be sprinkled throughout the room giving it a non-gender texture in the form of a rocking chair, crib, and dressers.

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes throughout the design of your nursery can channel gender neutral vibes. Thick floating, octagon shelves, hexagon mirrors, and even geometric patterns on blankets, drapes, accent walls, mobiles, and bedding. You may even want to play around with geometric shaped tiling and offset it with a plush throw rug .The clean lines and crisp accent of geometric shapes doesn’t conform to one gender or another, making it a neutral design strategy to employ. 

Geometric Shapes Nursery Theme

Neutral Colours and Accents

You can’t go wrong with beige, white, and cream! Using a variety of neutral color palettes will help you create a warm and welcoming nursery that doesn’t adhere to one gender or another. Many parents opt for this design tactic if they only want to create a nursery once, meaning they can use it again for future children. This strategy does not only save time and money, it is a gender friendly approach for your place and space. Some neutral accents can include wicker chairs, light fixtures, bamboo curtain rods, crocheted blankets and footrests, and baskets galore to add plenty of texture!

Neutral Nursery Theme

Source: Tenesha Giles Designs

Earthy and Organic

Painting your nursery an earthy and organic color, like a shade of green with gray undertones helps to create a non gender, welcoming environment. If you want to go for a naturistic vibe, be sure to add plenty of plants into the space and hang macrame accents on the walls. Fring or fur rugs in neutral colors like beige or white, and soft recessed lighting, and leather accents will offset your decor fabulously and can be very chic for either a baby boy or girl.

Popular baby-shower-themed foods include mini rainbow or cloud cupcakes, Mexican cuisine, sweet buffets or mocktails, ice cream and sandwich bars, charcuterie boards that are safe for the mom-to-be, and other types of comfort food.

Decor ideas for baby showers include blue or pink balloons, other colored balloons, flowers and plants, letter balloons, etc. Usually, your theme decides the decor.

Earthy Nursery Theme

Source: Brepurposed

In conclusion, many parents-to-be believe that their baby’s nursery sets the tone for rest, bonding, and growing. With so many types of nursery designs to choose from, it’s easy to see why a gender neutral design approach is an attractive idea. Whether you choose to work in neutral tones or play up lots of textured accents, consider some of the ideas listed above to help you get some instant inspiration and get started!