Get More Sleep for You and Your Bubs

Get More Sleep for You and Your Bubs

Achieving healthy habits is crucial when it comes to baby sleep schedules. This can be done by establishing a routine early on as soon as your child is born. This is where introducing baby sleep products comes in handy and helps achieve quality sleep for your baby and, consequently, the entire family.

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we specialise in baby products that teach babies to fall in love with sleep and help parents rest easier knowing their baby is happy and comforted. Whether you’re looking for dummy comforters, baby security blankets, baby hooded towels, teething toys, baby blankets, newborn toys, or toys for the cot, trust that you’ll find only safe products for your precious one as we are Australia’s top-selling brand for highly rated comforters.

What are the best sleep accessories for babies?

You don’t need to shop for multiple baby products to find the best sleep accessories for babies. The best ones have all the features you need in one package so you don’t have to spend your energy (and time) looking for different items that don’t even work effectively together.

The Riff Raff Sleep Toys brand was conceived by one mum’s determination to find the perfect sleep aid for her kids. After carting around several toys that served their own singular purpose, she made a decision to create a toy that ticked every single one of those boxes. Now that those efforts have scaled into a well-loved product with hundreds of glowing reviews in Australia and beyond, we’re proud to present our Riff Raff sleep toys to help assist your baby in building positive sleep associations so they’re more likely to get quality sleep.

If you want to find out why our sleep aid products are one of the best accessories for enhancing baby sleep, keep reading and you might be itching to witness the benefits yourself!

Emits relaxing noises

Contrary to what you may think, newborns find it easier to sleep in an environment with steady noise than in one with dead silence. Because the infant has actually spent many months in the womb, they would naturally have been exposed to a constant noise of swishing sound inside. This is why sleep specialists recommend playing white noise in order to help mimic that environment. Our Riff Raff sleep toys have a sound box (removable so you can wash the toy) that plays white noise with a heartbeat, and this is perfect for little ones from birth to four months old. After that period, you can swap the noise to another soothing sound that’s also built in the Riff Raff sound box: a sleepy lullaby that you can trigger at the end of your routine bedtime stories.

Get More Sleep for You and Your Bubs


Dummies can be attached

There are plenty of babies out there who love their dummies so much and losing them in the middle of the night can precede a loud cry for help. This is where our Riff Raff sleep toys packs a powerful tool: the dummy holder! Gone are the sleepless nights where you have to keep picking up fallen dummies, sterilising them or washing them just to soothe your overtired baby. By keeping their dummy routinely attached to their Riff Raff toy, your little one can easily find them without much trouble.

It’s important to note that when it comes to babies under seven months old, Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) recommends that there should be no toys in the cot for your little one unless directly being supervised by an adult. This is why we have also designed a velcro strap in the toy’s paw so you can securely attach them to the side of the cot or bassinet to keep your baby from pulling the toy over their face.

Buddy for life

The best toys for baby sleep are more than just their surface-level materials. Our Riff Raff sleep toys have great potential in becoming a lasting companion for your baby – that’s why we spend countless hours designing the most engaging look with the most vivid colours to captivate your little one!

Forming an attachment to a sleep toy, brought by frequent introductions during pleasant bonding moments, helps babies feel safer at bedtime and boosts their confidence in engaging in developmental activities throughout the day. The Riff Raff toy’s blanket made of ultrasoft polyester fibre is gentle on your baby’s skin while still being durable for when they tend to get rougher and chew on them (as that’s how they show love). Keep this toy by your child's side as they grow up so it becomes part of what makes them comfortable before slumber time each night. You can even make it more engaging by inventing origin stories about their Riff Raff pal – but if you’re out of ideas, we’ve created storybooks containing snippets of their pal’s wonderful adventures so you can recite them to your baby every night before they sleep. Here’s the best part: when the story ends, press the toy’s ear to trigger their lullaby so you always end the day on a magical note!

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Where can I buy the best sleep accessories near me?

If you’re looking for a baby comforter, a sound machine, and an ultrasoft furry friend, you don’t need to lug around different toys for all your baby sleep accessories; our Riff Raff Sleep Toys ticks all those boxes! The best part is that they come in a variety of characters that your child will always want by their side.

 Shop our online baby products and rest assured they are certified safe by Australia’s standards for children’s toys. Simply browse through our user-friendly website and then order your child’s next best pal. We offer regular and express shipping options for both domestic and international orders so your baby’s soon-to-be best friend arrives as soon as possible. For any concerns about your purchase, get in touch with us through our live chat where we are ready to help you with your enquiries!

Safety Note: It is really important that SIDS safe sleeping guidelines are followed and no soft toys should be in the crib with your baby under 7 months of age.

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