Helpful Tips to Gently Settle Your Baby to Sleep

Helpful Tips to Gently Settle Your Baby to Sleep

Bringing your precious little bundle home is one of life’s greatest blessings – but looking for ways on how to get a baby to sleep is a lot trickier than it seems. Quality sleep is an important foundation in an infant’s routine. Their sleeping hours are a crucial time for their healthy development – from their busy brain to their tiny tummy, the growth is exponential each day so it is therefore paramount to establish healthy sleep cycles for your little one from the very beginning.

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer quality products to help babies sleep and make bedtime a much more pleasant experience for both babies and their parents. No matter what baby products you’re looking for – from dummy comforters, toys for cot, baby security blankets, newborn toys, teething toys, to baby hooded towels, know that you’ll find something special in our selection of sleep toys.  

How to get your baby to sleep through the night?

Getting a baby to sleep is no parlour trick. Still, with enough effort, the suitable comforters, and establishing best practices early on, you’ll no longer be asking how to get the baby to sleep on those parenting forums – you’ll actually be a pro at it!

Many sleep techniques and methods on how to make babies sleep tend to vary as different ages can spell different needs. In general, the following tips can apply to most babies that will eventually lead to healthy sleep habits.

Create the ideal sleep environment

Having your baby sleep in a dark room will help immensely in regulating their body clock. The serotonin your little one produces during the day will be converted to melatonin at night which allows their bodies to feel physiologically tired. The process is much more enhanced when the room is as dark as possible with minimal exposure to light. As babies predominantly control temperature through their heads, make sure that your baby is appropriately dressed for the temperature of their room so they’re comfortable when sleeping. You can check your baby’s temperature by feeling their back or tummy, which should feel warm; no need to worry if your baby’s hands and feet feel cold as it’s normal. To make it extra cosy, a Riff Raff sleep toy is ideal to further help the baby sleep; the toy’s blanket body is made of ultrasoft polyester fabric that will give them a snuggly feeling. 

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Play relaxing sounds

Playing a steady noise in the background can be a very effective technique for getting the baby to sleep; for example, white noise can block out household/environmental noises that could startle your baby awake. Luckily, our Riff Raff sleep toys come with a relaxing noise machine with two soothing sounds that you can trigger whenever it’s bedtime. The first sound is the white noise of rain with a heartbeat, while the second sound plays a sleepy lullaby that will calm your child into slumbering bliss! Press either of the toy’s ears, and it can play the sound you want for 20 or 40 minutes. If you have just received your toy, we recommend using it in the default mode that your toy arrives in (20-minute mode) as most parents have found this setting to be most effective in getting the baby to sleep.

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Try to implement a feed, play, sleep pattern

As your baby ages and becomes a lot more aware of signals and associations, it’s the best time to get them used to a feed, play, sleep pattern. Our Riff Raff sleep toys are meant to help your baby build positive associations with bedtime and form their self-soothing abilities. When introduced the right way, your baby will begin to associate the toy with the feeling of comfort they get when they see you. Then getting them used to a feed, play, and sleep pattern can encourage better sleeping habits and lessen their anxiety when presented with regular activities every day.

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By now, you’ve already discovered the excellent ways on how to get a baby to sleep using a comforter item like the Riff Raff sleep toy. To make the most out of your Riff Raff pal, here are some tips to make the experience even more enjoyable for you and your baby.

Attach a dummy

We know lots of babies just can’t seem to settle without a dummy. If your baby is at this phase, you can use the dummy holder of our Riff Raff. The benefits are twofold: (1) it will increase the interaction your little one is having with the comforter, and (2) it will reduce the number of lost dummies!

Make it their best buddy

Give their Riff Raff a personality so having your baby’s pal around feels even more engaging. Build a backstory, talk about their pal’s many adventures – we even have storybooks about their Riff Raff available on our website!

Have a spare

There’s no telling when their Riff Raff will get thrown in the dirt, so having more than one Riff Raff toy will avoid tantrums when your baby is looking for their toy, but unbeknownst to them, their best pal is having the time of their life somersaulting (in the wash).

Where to get sleep products for babies?

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we always have an answer whenever people ask how to get the baby to sleep. Our vision is to make baby products that help make the bedtime routine easier for parents in Australia and beyond. Our user-friendly interface makes shopping for multiple items a breeze, plus the ordering process is simple. We use Australia Post for all of our shipping – domestic and international – and we offer both regular and express shipping options for your convenience. 

Safety Note: Always follow safe sleep guidelines and use under adult supervision with infants under 7 months.

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