Our Very Handy Newborn Baby Checklist

Our Very Handy Newborn Baby Checklist

If you have you first baby on the way (CONGRATULATIONS!) or it's been a minute since you last had a new-born and you need a little refresher, then this is the perfect check list for you! Being organised before your baby arrives is one of the biggest blessings you could give yourself (so that you've got more time for cuddles and bonding when your bundle of joy arrives). We've prepared a list of the essential items your nursery will require to get you through that first three months of motherhood.


- Pram
- Car seat


- Bassinet or cot
- Change table and mat

Clothing and Accessories

- 6x Singlets (Size 000)
- 6x Onesies that cover the feet (Size 000)
- 2x Cardigans or Jackets
- 2x Hats
- 3x Pants that cover the feet
- 2 or more Bibs

Feeding- Breast feeding

- Maternity bra
- Breastfeeding tops
- Nipple cream
- Breast pads
- Breastfeeding pillow
- Breast pump

Feeding- Bottle feeding

- 6x Bottles
- 6x Teats
- Breastmilk storage bags
- Formula
- Bottle and teat brush
- Bottle drying rack
- Sterilising equipment


- At least 2 x sets of baby bedding
- 3 or more baby wraps or swaddles
- Dummies
- Riff Raff Comforter


- Riff Raff Bath set
- Soft baby towels and face washers
- Baby soap or body wash
- Nail scissors
- Thermometer


- Nappies
- Baby wipes
- Nappy rash cream

Bonus items (nice to have but not essential for the first 3 months):

- Baby carrier
- Baby bath
- Nappy bin
- Baby bouncer
- Baby monitor
- Rattles
- Portable changing mat
- Car window shade
- Pram rain cover
- Rocking chair
- Highchair
- Night light
- Baby sleeping bag
- A few cute outfits for outings together

Safety Note: It is really important that SIDS safe sleeping guidelines are followed and no soft toys should be in the crib with your baby under 7 months of age.