Not just a toy, a bestie for life.

Not just a toy, a bestie for life.

Here at Riff Raff we spend our days creating our beautiful sleep toys to bring to little ones all over the world! We place so much importance on early introduction, but what actually happens when this is done at birth or in those integral first months of a babies life? 

 Once your pal has worked it's magic and you have a little one, who just by looking at their pal is nodding off, something very special begins to happen...

There is a shift in the magic. A shift from parents relying on the lullaby to gently sleep guide, to a friendship and bond that has been building over the months and years. From starting Day Care or that first nerve wracking sleep over at Granny's house, these pals are there every step of the way.

THIS is what happens....We would like to introduce you to some very special friendships! 

"From the very first day she got her, it instantly soothed her. They have been inseparable from then on. My daughter has had her Riff Raff since she was a newborn baby, and now at the age of 3 her “Evie” is still her best friend! She looks a little worn, which just goes to show how many adventures she takes her on. Because of my daughters bond with Evie, I purchased one for my friend who is separated from her baby who decided to come at 33 weeks gestation. As he is currently in the special care unit, she finds comfort in knowing he has the Riff Raff there to provide him with comfort. Here is a picture of my little girl Addalyn with her best friend, Evie." -Brianna.

"I was given Raffy as baby shower gift by my friend Emily and I introduced him to her the day she was born. Every sleep, every nap, every pram ride and every car trip, Raffy was there.  I am certain this is why Wren, and I'm not joking even at nearly 4, can fall FAST asleep ANYWHERE, as long as Raffy is in her arms. Raffy gives her security and always brings comfort. Emily passed away in September 2019 and through Raffy, I keep her memory alive with Wren. It seems silly when I say it out loud, but Raffy has helped me with my grieving process by telling her stories as well as opening up big conversations about love, life and loss. Raffy will always hold a special place in Wrens heart and it goes without saying, mine too."  -Caroline. 

"My sons name is Darcy and he is 5 in November. Raffy and Darcy have sleep together every night and have done since we got him. He no longer uses the noise box. Raffy doesn’t venture out of the house, unless it’s for sleep time somewhere else and Darcy will usually sleep with Raffy. If I was to ever have another baby, I would definitely repurchase a RRST! I love how much my son loves him." -Alisha

"Axel and Eli were given their Riff Raffs from their Aunty when they were born in April 2018. Now named Foxy and Bam-Bam they have been together ever since. Foxy and Bam-Bam are with them every night. The sound boxes were in them for the first 1.5- 2 years however now it's just their cuddles they want. In saying that though, I miss the song it played the most, I think it was even more comfort for me :-) They don't take them outside too much but they have never had a nap or night sleep without them." -Samantha

"Rory has just turned 6. He never took to a comforter when he was a baby but when he was 3, his brother was born and he kept wanting Archie’s Bandit so we got him Riff and Raffy and he has slept with them every night since! Rory had to take a teddy to Kindy & he chose to take Riff." -Rachel. @ourdalylife

"Lincoln hasn't yet formally diagnosed with autism because the waiting list is super long but July 6th is his assessment and while we wait he’s been diagnosed with a developmental delay. He’s had his Raffy’s since he was around 8 months. Lincoln was a terrible sleeper, he would scream from 10pm until 5am but then we got his Raffy’s and everything changed, he slept so much better! At first they were strictly a sleep comforter but as he’s got older they go everywhere with him. If he’s upset, his Raffy’s are the first thing he looks for. Lincoln is almost completely non verbal so communication is extremely hard but having these Raffys to comfort him when I’m unable to or he’s unable to tell me what’s wrong, is absolutely fantastic. Raffys save the day constantly for us and they are quite literally covered in blood, sweat, tears, food, drink, dirt and even snot 😂 because when he’s sick, scared, hurt or playing etc all he wants is his Raffy’s. I’ve since added Clover and Bandit to the family." -Donna

"Where do I even start?....Bocca has been Amirah's friend from the day she was born but they truly became best friends once she started crawling and have been inseparable ever since. We had a Bocca for home, one for daycare and a spare one but now she needs to have all 3 next to her at night in a particular order, which only she knows! It was around one year of age Amirah named her clover Bocca, I have no idea where this name came from but that was his name and it hasn’t changed since. I can honestly say they have been through everything together in their years. From international holidays, to surgery, when mummy has to leave for work and when a little extra confidence is needed to get up on the stage at dance concerts, Bocca is there. He is her safety, her confidant, her assurance, and her strength and I love everything about their friendship." -Alyce @alycejennifer_

"We introduced Raffy & Clover to our twins Maisy & Reuben when they were about six months old. They’re four years old now & still snuggle into Raffy & Clover to sleep every night. We take them everywhere! On road trips, on holidays, to the beach… We knew Raffy & Clover helped our twins to sleep better & self settle, but what we didn’t realise at the time was that they were actually becoming the best of little friends & such a comfort to our kids. When Reuben was about 14 months old he was hospitalised with croup & pneumonia. Raffy never left his side. Maisy followed a couple of days later & she was the same with Clover. Whenever they’re faced with something challenging Raffy & Clover are the first things they ask for. The love is real!" -Jessica @Jessica_Kate_Hamilton

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And the best news is, these cuties are not alone! 5 years on from first launching Riff Raff and the stories and adventures keep pouring in! We absolutely love hearing them! 

If your little one has literally LOVED their pal to pieces, please use the code WASHDAY10 for 10% off your back up pal and as always, thank you for your support and love. 

Emma and the Riff Raff Team x


Always adhere to safe sleeping guidelines. Do not leave an infant unattended with anything in their sleep environment. Use the provided tether strap to secure the toy to the outside of the infant's crib. Babies will experience comfort from seeing and hearing the toy, even when it is not within their reach.

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