Nursery Style Trends We Adore

Nursery Styling Trends We Adore

Creating a beautiful space for your babe to be has become a right of passage and we are totally there for it! There’s nothing like a beautiful space to get you through the long night feeds and the general tornado that is ‘parenting’. As with all interior design trends, what’s hot in nursery decor changes with the season. We’ve sourced the ultimate list of gorgeous pieces that will elevate your nursery styling. 

Wall Decals 

Gone are the days when a simple Peter Rabbit ABC wall decal would cut the mustard. Nope, wall decals are now art in itself. They can transform a space with ease and even better, they are ideal for rentals.
All you need to do is stick your way to an Insta-worthy nursery.
When you want to update the space, simply remove the decal and your wall will be in-tact. 

There are a myriad of sensational companies who do them but we can’t go past Little Rae Prints. Their range is so beautifully designed and even better, it’s Australian-made! 


Rattan Everything 

Neutral tones have made a huge impact on nursery styling over the last 12 months and choosing rattan this to be the safe gender neutral option. To add warmth to your nursery, you can’t go past the natural, rustic charm of rattan. Bodhi’s Baby Store has a gorgeous range of rattan pieces. Each is unique and undeniably beautiful. 

Bye Bye Change Table

We’re seeing more parents say no to change tables and yes to alternatives. From a space saving, practicality perspective, it makes sense. As an added bonus, forgoing the change table to a multi-functional piece will ensure it lasts! The best bit is, you can personalise your change space however you like. Just add a change mat and you’re good to go. We’ve sourced some of our favourite inspo to help you make the switch if you so wish! 



New Accent Pieces

As far as accent pieces go, there's some new kids on the block that deserve your attention. Giant teddies, weird looking clowns and the OTT-ness we saw back in the day are nowhere to be seen. Adding subtle accents that will grow with your babe is where it’s at. We love rainbows, koalas, kangaroos, Australiana themed flora and fauna and even a little moroccan touches are guaranteed to beautify your space. 





Sustainable choices are always a win in our book and we’re seeing a swarm of parents upcycle old pieces to add a dash of vintage or quirk to their nurseries. It’s a great budget-friendly option as generally, you can source great pieces from op-shops and markets. All you need is a vision and a little bit of elbow grease. We hope this inspo helps! 


Source: Pinterest


Minimalists Utopia

The minimalist movement has made its way to the nursery. With parents being more savvy and not over-consuming these days, nurseries are in the midst of a paired back makeover. Having been there, done that, we can see the appeal! Babies spend the majority of their time eating/sleeping/crying and for that? You absolutely don’t need a heavily styled nursery. We’re seeing some amazing minimalist nurseries come through as of late, we hope you love them as much as we do! 



Canopies For All 

Adding a canopy provides instant luxe to any room and for that reason, canopies are back. Forget the frilly numbers of yesteryear and embrace tonal hues and fresh whites for a stylish nursery. Hope & Jade Interiors stock the loveliest range of quality canopies that can be used for new babes and big kids who want their own reading nook. 


We do hope your parenting journey is a beautiful one and this piece helped you plan your ideal nursery.        Yours in gorgeous nurseries,
Emma & The Riff Raff Team x