The Ultimate Baby Registry List

The Ultimate Baby Registry List

Backed by real Riff Raff mums!

We put it to our team of mums and our wonderful community:  "What was your HOLY GRAIL new-born baby product that you couldn't go without?

The result: a EPIC list of essentials for your new-born registry list (the kinds of products our community would rate 6 star if they could!) Forward to a expecting mother to set her off on the right foot.

1. Breastfeeding Pillow

"I got this as a breastfeeding pillow after all of my friends had raved about them. It's super dooper comfortable, I found breastfeeding almost impossible without it... and as a low supply mama I found out quickly there was a lot more use for this than just breastfeeding. This quickly became our go to "seat" for bub before he could support himself. It was an incredible prop for tummy time and other play and all around just a godsend to have." - Caitlin, Social Media Coordinator

Breastfeeding Pillow

2. Portable Breast Bump

I wish these were portable when I had my babies. Being attached to a pump was such a waste of life!" - Carmz, Brand Manager

Portable Breast Pump

3. Baby Bouncer

"Absolute must for moving around the house and strapping baby into while you do things. I loved this for when I showered. I dragged it into the bathroom and strapped my baby in with some toys while I refreshed in the morning" - Sarah, Product Development

Neutral Nursery Theme

4. Baby Carrier

"This item was used a lot by both parents! Id put my bub in this for that third short sleep in the day before dinner, and to go walking the dog. This also came in handy when Wyatt arrived as I had 2 under 2. He was in the carrier while Huddy explored OR needed to be in the pram. It delayed me having to get a double pram." - Carmz, Brand Manager

Baby Carrier

5. Sleep Suits

"The only swaddle my bubba would sleep soundly in, after trying multiple others it was the only one that he wouldn't fuss and carry on while in it." - Bree, Riff Raff Fan

Sleep Suits

6. Comforter

"Absolute Lifesaver!!! Our poor bub was so unsettled with colic and wouldn’t sleep unless she was on my chest , also was very unsettled around nappy changes or getting dressed after bath time . Once we received our riff raff and turned on the white noise and heartbeat feauture our overnight wakeups were halved instantly! Our nappy changes are now peaceful and we’ve had our first smiles from baby girl" - Laura, Riff Raff Fan


Always follow safe sleep guidelines and use under adult supervision with infants under 7 months.

7. Zippy Body Suits

"The double zip is a lifesaver!!! Especially when they are new-born. And in all sizes because you can not live without them. I wasted money on cute little outfits that he hardly wore as he lives in these" - Ashlee, Riff Raff Fan


8. Portable Bathtub

"The best investment ever if you have a bad back as it supports the baby so well and prevents you from bending down low. Lasts a long time too!" -Kathryn, Riff Raff Fan

Portable Bath Tub

9. Bibs

"Absolute life saver if you got a bub with reflux!! Unfortunately took til he was approx. 4.5 months to work it out – so we had a LOT of daily clothes changes up until then" - Lara Fox, Riff Raff Fan


10. Muslin Cloths

"You'll use these a lot more than you'll realise, it's not just swaddling but everything from a quick spit up catcher/burp cloth to creating a space of privacy if you're feeling like you need that while out and about and bubba needs a feed... these are an absolute must have... in multiples!" - Caitlin, Social Media Coordinator

Muslin Cloths