The Ultimate Playroom 

There’s nothing quite like having a space to entertain the kids while you enjoy the pleasure of sitting in another room sans noise. It really is parenting goals at it’s best. Well, that and the day they move out. Jks jks. Sort of. So, if you have a home big enough to house a playroom, settle in because we’re about to give you tips to create the ultimate playroom at home. 

Level up the couch 

Kids are active beings (don’t we know it!) so give them a space they can crawl, jump and get up to no good in without ruining your fancy decor. Play couches from Bodhi Play Couch give your little monkey the ability to chill comfortably and then switch gears into fort building/the floor is lava antics. 

They come in a range of colours AND they come with waterproof liners too. It’s a yes from us. 

Get some storage 

As fun as it is having tiny plastic toy-things litter the floor (or not!), having a place to store it all is infinitely more satisfying. The Trofast Toy Storage System from Ikea is an old favourite for a good reason. It’s cheap, it’s functional and you can jazz it up any which way. The Brickie’s Wife has added two side by side to create a functional play area. 

If you’re wanting a Marie Kondo vibe, you can even label each tub! 

Add a table for activities

Lego, colouring-in, play-doh...they all require a table. Get them off the dining room table and give them a functional table to do all the things. The Benji Activity Table from Hip Kids includes functional storage, a chalkboard for doodling which is reversible for ultimate flexibility. 

We also love the Kidbot 3 Piece Set which has storage in the table AND chairs which is perfect for storing all their worldly possessions

Reading Nooks FTW

Promoting reading early on will help your kid as they reach school age. Plus, there’s something really lovely about a comfy space to devour magical tales. If this is your kinda vibe, a reading nook is a must. The good news is, it’s an easy addition. All you need is a corner, some floor cushions and a little bit of storage. We’ve included our favourites below. 


West Elm has some incredible shelves on sale if you want to replicate this look! 


Bunnings have a great replica of this bookcase for $70! 

Oh and don’t forget Adairs for a beautiful range of floor cushions. 

Make it fun! 

Create an interactive space with the addition of toys that will truly last. We’ve gathered our favourite toy kitchen, workbench and art easel to spark your creativity. 

Hip Kids Toy Kitchen 

Flexa Wooden Workbench 

Kids Art Easel - Ikea

Indoor Cubby

Right from birth our little ones love being cozy! Throw in some fairy lights and Wow! you have a space perfect for story times, cuddle times and fun times!

This fab indoor cubby can really transform your playroom into a multi- space paradise! Fun for our little ones and let's be too! Memories in the making with every play date we share!

We hope we’ve given you some fun ideas to bring your playroom pinterest board to life.

Yours in getting space from the rugrats, Emma & The Riff Raff Team x


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