Our Top Travel Prams

by Emma Kruger
Our Top Travel Prams

Whether you are an avid traveller, jetsetting off each week, so enjoy a nice family holiday now and again, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a travel pram. We will take you through some of the best travel prams on the market and look at what makes them stand out from their competition.

What Are You Looking For?

While you want it to be easy to zip around the airport and then fold up nice and small when you get on the plane, it’s important not to forget that you also want to be able to use it while travelling at the other end.

Whether you are out and sightseeing everyday, off to the beach to relax, or jumping on and off public transport, you want your travel pram to be up to the task!

Travel Pram Features

The next thing to look at is the different features of prams.

Lightweight – not all travel prams are created equal, and one of their main features is their weight. It doesn’t always help to go for the lightest on the market, as it may be missing other key features in order to achieve this. It’s about finding the perfect balance of features plus weight to make travelling easier.

Fold – you don’t have time to fiddle while travelling. Whether you are getting on and off a train, about to hop on the airplane, or trying to set up at the other end, it has to be easy. Preferably you want a one-hand fold that can be achieved while holding onto kids or luggage.

Sun Canopy – whether you are off to a sunny destination or expecting to hit some rain, a large canopy can help on a travel pram. Unlike at home, where you may choose to stay indoors on hot or rainy days, while travelling you want to make the most of your time away, so you need a pram that allows for this.

Recline – some travel prams don’t fully recline, which doesn’t help with those all important day sleeps while travelling. Some can only be used from six months. Make sure you find the right fit for your needs.

Riff Raff's Top Travel Pram Picks

Here is our pick of the top travel prams out there to help you out.

This pram can be used in so many different configurations and has very handy interchangeable seats.
Age: It can be used from birth with either the newborn bassinet or the car seat attached.
Basket: You are spoilt with the extra large basket on this pram. It has so much space and is so easy to get to while you are out and about.
Best Features: The basket is a stand out with this pram, just knowing how much stuff we have to take out with us as parents! The pram also stands when folded, which is a handy little feature that makes it even easier to pop into the car.
Pros: All wheel suspension takes most any terrain.
Cons: On the bulky side.

Stylish and practical, this travel pram combines wants and needs to create a lightweight stroller that is perfect for travel.
Age: Birth
Weight: 7.9kg
Fold: two-handed fold
Pros: A really cool feature for a travel pram, you can choose to have the child facing in or out with the reversible seat. You can also adjust the handlebar to your ideal height. Finally, it can also been wheeled along like a suitcase once folded.
Cons: It’s weight is on the heavier side for a travel pram and could tip you over cabbage bag limits.

This cabin stroller can be used from birth with the newborn pack, and is even compatible with a toddler skateboard.
Age: Birth
Weight: 6.2kg
Fold: One-handed fold
Pros: You can carry this pram over your shoulder and it is recognised as cabin baggage by most airline. The YOYO is also compatible with newborn car seats which is extremely handy when travelling.
Cons: While great for the airport, steering isn’t as good out on the pavement.

This has to be one of the most lightweight strollers on the market, making travel that much easier with a baby in tow.
Age: Six months
Weight: 4.8kg
Fold: Two-handed
Pros: It can be used from six months to about 4 years old, and folds up so small you will understand where it got its name! An extra handy feature while travelling. It has a decent-size basket underneath and a great sun canopy.
Cons: The folding and unfolding takes some practise and is something you want to master before you take off on your next trip. The handlebars also sit quiet low.

Stylish and practical, this travel pram has it all. With leather trims, one-handed folding and the ability to fit with newborn car seats, it’s a great addition for any trip.
Age: Birth
Weight: 5.7kg
Fold: One-handed
Pros: Also recognised as cabin baggage by most airlines, it is suitable from newborn right through to 18kg, so you will get plenty of use out of it.
Cons: It doesn’t fold up as small as some of the other options on the market, but comes with a handy travel bag.

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