Caring for a newborn is an exciting experience for any parent, but it can be easy to miss out on an essential item that the baby needs for comfort. A comforter is one such tool you'll want before or right after your child is born, and with so many choices out there, finding the best fit will help make life easier for everybody.

We offer baby comforter toys to ensure your little one enjoys sound sleep and exciting playtimes. No matter what baby products you’re looking for, from baby blankets, newborn toys, baby sleep aid, toys for cot, baby hooded towels, baby security blankets to teething toys – our Riff Raff Sleep Toys can assist with your baby’s sleeping needs and make each experience memorable. 

What is a baby comforter?

A baby comforter or a transitional object is any item that brings a sense of safety and security to a baby. If you want something that can relax your child, sleep comforters are fantastic as they help your baby unwind before bedtime and get them into an easy-going mood, so they fall asleep faster! What’s more, these items make perfect gifts for parents looking to give their baby a wonderful companion to comfort them.

The benefits of baby comforters 

It is never too late to introduce comforters, especially during sleep regressions occurring at 4-5 months, 8-9 months, 12-13 months and later. This article will highlight some benefits and features of this helpful product so you know what comfort awaits you and your child.

Separation anxiety management 

Babies endure separation anxiety from a wide range of things, including noisy environments and unfamiliar people. With a baby comforter toy like Riff Raff, the soothing feeling of the fabric against their skin gives babies the sense that they are safe. The weight alone is enough to make them feel like nothing can hurt them. Whether it’s the adorable design of these toys or their soft blanket body – the constant presence of these Riff Raff Sleep Toys helps even the most anxious babies get into a deep sleep. 

Makes transitions easy 

Babies have a hard time adjusting to transitory periods in their lives, such as waking up, bathing, dressing up, feeding and finally sleeping – but with some help, they can work out what's going on. These transitions can be well defined for the baby with object associations. For example, if you want your baby to prepare for bedtime, pop the Riff Raff Sleep Toys out and trigger its relaxing lullaby sound box, and your little one will fall asleep in no time.


One thing that may wear you down as a parent is soothing your baby every time you sleep. To avoid such situations, provide your little one with a comforter that can help them get used to self-settling during long nights – all without requiring your intervention.

How can you choose the best baby comforters?

Here are some factors to keep in mind when trying to select the best baby comforter toy. 

Safety first 

The first thing you want to consider is whether the baby comforter you are interested in is safe. The general rule of thumb is that the ideal comforter should be soft. It must not have any sharp edges or attachments that they can put in their mouths. Buttons may come off, fur attachments may fray, and embroidery might come loose, so keep that in mind when shopping for one. Riff Raff Sleep Toys meet Australia’s safety standards for children’s toys and are designed with the child’s safety first in mind.  That’s why when you personalise your pal, we don’t use embroidery at all – our company makes use of HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl).  

When it comes to babies under 7 months of age, we recommend that you use the strap that comes with our Riff Raff Sleep Toy, to secure the toy to the cot to prevent little ones from pulling the toy over their face. Always remember to follow Red Nose Australia guidelines (formerly SIDS & Kids) to ensure your baby’s safety. 


If you’re planning on introducing a baby comforter to your baby, make sure to pick one with a stimulating design, preferably a character or animal that you know your child will take an interest in and take with them wherever they go. At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, you will find a fantastic array of products with adorable characters inspired by the cutest critters in the world that your baby will indeed love. Their newfound friend will be there for bumpy car rides, long nights, and fun playtimes! Just make sure you have a backup just in case they get soiled.

Maintenance is key

Your child will never get enough of their comforter, and they're going to spend so much time, snot, and tears on it. Get a baby comforter that you can maintain easily. Riff Raff Sleep Toys are machine-washable and tumble dry-able for your convenience.

How can you wash a baby comforter? 

If you’re buying from Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we recommend the following to keep them looking their best and in good condition:

  • Take the sound box out first! You don’t want them ruined – but in case you’ve read this instruction too late, you should know we also sell spare sound boxes on our website. 
  • Set your heat setting to cold or warm wash only (avoid hot)
  • Wash the comforter separately or use a delicate bag.
  • These cuties can be tumble-dried to bring back the fluff – warm only and by itself.
  • If your child’s pal is personalised, we recommend you to line dry instead so the custom name on your pal will last long. 

Where can you buy the ideal baby comforter?

Buy the best baby comforter from Riff Raff Sleep Toys. We have a vast collection of baby items that are sure to keep the baby in a good mood and make your parenting experience as enjoyable as it should be. Our easy-to-navigate website with state-of-the-art security lets you easily browse various sections, pick items and place orders within minutes. We stock baby products that we’re confident your child will love! Shop now. 

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