Every parent has a different style of soothing their little one. However, some parents may struggle to balance their time between their child and other obligations, such as doing housework around the baby's frequent wakings. This is where a baby soother toy can come in handy. It is a great way for parents to free their hands while the baby learns an essential skill of self-soothing. 

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer sleep aid toys to help make bedtime a much more pleasant experience for both babies and their parents. No matter what baby products you’re looking for – from dummy comforters, toys for cot, baby security blankets, newborn toys, teething toys to baby hooded towels, you’ll find something worthwhile in our selection of sleep toys to soothe your little one.

What toys can babies sleep with?

Remember, age matters when it comes to choosing toys that your baby can sleep with. Luckily, we’ve put together a few notes that you can keep in mind, so your baby soother toy is used correctly and to its fullest potential.

Below 7 months

When it comes to babies below seven months of age, we highly recommend that you follow Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) safe sleeping guidelines. Ensure that you do not introduce any soft toys in the cot unless you directly supervise your baby. Our adorable plush toys have a velcro strap that can secure the toy to the cot, preventing little ones from pulling the toy over their face. But worry not, your little one will still be comforted by the audio they get to hear from our line of Riff Raff sleep toys. Introduce these cuties every single night to familiarise them with their new buddy and keep doing it until your baby is old enough to sleep with the toys in their cot.

7 months onwards

Babies seven months old onwards are more capable of using soother toys to assist them in resettling. In this case, Riff Raff Sleep Toys can easily be self-triggered by the baby by pressing any of the ears for it to emit a relaxing sound. This is an excellent age for forming a lasting companionship, as your baby will grow attached to the toy after sleeping with it for so long. You can also give them companions for different environments so they will always feel safe – perhaps one for the cot, one on the pram, and even one for car rides! Our range of cute characters at Riff Raff Sleep Toys can certainly fit in your child’s circle of best-est friends forever. 

How do baby soother toys support sleep?

When introduced frequently and routinely during bonding time, babies eventually learn to associate soother toys with the presence of their parents. Building familiarity with these items helps bolster their sense of security. We always recommend that the parents wear our Riff Raff sleep toys down their top for as long as they can – hours even. The more their scent rubs onto the toy, the more effective the baby soother toy can be in providing psychological comfort, much like a transitional object (more popularly called a lovey or comforter). Riff Raff sleep toys function excellently as sleep support by appealing to the three main sensory cues of babies to enhance their quality of sleep. 

  • See - At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we carefully craft the most adorable toys with the most vivid colours that can be your bubba’s next best friend so that they never feel alone when sleeping in the cot.
  • Touch - Made of ultrasoft polyester fibre, baby soother toys are specially designed for snuggle times with their fabric. 
  • Hear - The sound box that comes with all our sleep toys is one of the best features of Riff Raff sleep toys. With its two soothing sounds (white noise with a heartbeat and a beautiful lullaby), they can end the nighttime routine with your bubba on a wonderful note. The sounds can last for up to 20 or 40 minutes, depending on what your little one responds to the best. 

Should babies always sleep with a soother toy?

As long as your baby is above six months old, we recommend that you never part the baby soother toy from the bedtime routine, simply because babies thrive on consistency and predictability. When you’ve introduced these soother toys to the point where the baby looks to them for comfort, taking them away can create confusion, much like how they originally dealt with less involved presence from their parents. If the toy needs to be in the wash, we recommend having a wash day spare plush toy (without sound box) to soothe them while their pal is being cleaned. 

Where can I get baby soother toys near me?

Find the best baby soother toys from Riff Raff Sleep Toys online store and shop from the comfort of your home. With over 500 glowing reviews on our website, we pride ourselves in providing the best baby sleep toys in Australia and beyond. Browse our fantastic range of Riff Raff characters and order now! We use Australia Post for domestic and international shipping, with options such as standard and express, so your baby’s new pal arrives as soon as possible!