Ensure your child gets quality sleep by getting them toys for cot that are critical for their growth and development. A comforter toy can become your child’s companion and help them explore the world around them, so they don’t experience anxiety in unfamiliar environments.

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer some of the best baby products that help promote better sleep for your baby. Whether you’re looking for dummy comforters, baby security blankets, baby hooded towels to baby sleep aids, teething toys, or newborn toys, you will certainly find a sleep toy that your baby will love. 

What are the benefits of toys for cot?

Toys for cot also serve as a transitional object, a comforter or lovey that is used to provide psychological comfort for babies and toddlers especially when learning a critical skill like self-settling to sleep. They come popularly as stuffed animals that a child forms a unique connection with when introduced frequently and routinely during bonding time, so your baby can look to them for comfort and security. 

How can you choose the best toys for cot?

You know you’ve found the best toys for cot when it becomes your child’s favourite thing in the world! When designing our characters at Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we make sure that every new pal passes the ‘is it Riff Raff?’ test. Sure, we could design all kinds of critters for variety, but we make sure that the look of our toys has the ‘it’ factor: something to make your child fall in love with at first sight – or at least something they can find comfort in. 

It’s also worth noting that when choosing the best toys for cot, you have to keep the age of the baby in mind. 

From birth to 7 months

If you're planning on introducing these toys for cot from the beginning, then it’s a good idea to rub your scent all over the toy first. Wear the lightweight toy down your top for as long as you can – no, not thirty minutes, we’re talking about hours. Many mums have told us on our blog that this trick works a treat! By the third month of routinely introducing their future best friend during bedtime, your infant will start to associate seeing or hearing their toy with the comfort of smelling you, and consequently, they will feel the inviting sensation of falling asleep. 

When it comes to babies below seven months of age, we highly recommend that you follow Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) safe sleeping guidelines. Ensure that no soft toys are introduced in the cot unless being directly supervised. Our adorable plush toys have been designed with a velcro strap that can be used to secure the toy to either the inside or the outside of the cot to prevent little ones from pulling the toy over their face. We advise parents to always do this when caring for babies under the age of seven months old. But it should be noted that even though your little ones aren’t sleeping with their toy, babies will still gain a lot of benefits from the audio-visual comfort that their Riff Raff pal offers.

7 months to 18 months

Babies seven months old onwards are more capable of self-triggering the lullaby sound box of their Riff Raff toys to assist them in resettling during their sleep cycles. At this age, the Riff Raff sleep toy would usually be a permanent fixture in your baby’s everyday routine, giving them a sense of security through the many transitions they’re going through. It may also be good to have a spare plush toy, especially during wash day, when your baby will be separated from the favourite pal for a while. If you’re planning on giving them multiple stuffed companions – perhaps one for the cot, one on the pram, or even one for car rides – then our range of cute characters at Riff Raff Sleep Toys are sure to keep your child enthralled. 

18 months onwards

This is a great time to involve your little one in choosing their baby cot toys at Riff Raff Sleep Toys! If you’re browsing our website for the best toys for cot, ask your toddler which character they would love as their next pal. You’d be surprised to see how certain they are of their choices. It’s always a good idea to encourage their decision-making skills as this age is ripe for many possible milestones. 

Where can you buy the best toys for cot?

Buy the best toys for cot available at Riff Raff Sleep Toys online store. Not only do our toys help babies develop essential skills like self-settling but they also give parents much needed peace of mind knowing that their babies are adjusting easier to their sleep routines. Shopping online with us is extremely easy and we offer deliveries for both Australian and international orders. Add our toys to your cart now so your baby can start making wonderful memories with their new pal!

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