Meet Clover

Meet Clover, the sweetest of all the pals with a big heart and friendly personality.

Clover is most likely to become buddies with anyone new she meets and is described as calm and thoughtful by all her friends.

Clover can be found reading in the corner with her favourite books, dancing to the latest Taylor Swift song, or getting zen with some yoga stretches in the sun. Clover loves visiting the park, and you can always find her making castles in the sandpit!

Clover loves to eat all the greens off her plate, especially kale, carrots and sushi! Yum Yum. Her favourite play time activity is making friendship bracelets in all the colours of the rainbow for her best friends.


Meet Raffy

Raffy is the most curious of the crew and loves to be outdoors on bush walks, or learning to surf at the local beach.

When he's having a wet weather play day inside, he loves to play with lego or finger-paint (the paper & everything else!).

His mates would describe him as super artistic and willing to help anyone out in need! He embraces a perfectly balanced diet of fresh berries and a sprinkle donut for desert.

Raffy is the king of the slide at the park and thinks the longer the slide the better!


Meet Bandit

Here comes trouble... This clever little rascal is always up for an adventure, especially if it's something that get's the adrenaline running!

Bandit can be found climbing anything that is climbable, building his car and truck collection, and practising his karate moves! He's got a devilish craving for midnight snacks like ice cream and loves to put on a cheeky smile to charm his parents.

Don't be fooled by his playful antics, Bandit is a little genius and loves practising science experiments with his slime at play-time. 


Meet Kirra

Kirra the Koala is the most snuggly of the pack, often sleeping in past breakfast or chilling out in a coolabah tree.

There is nothing Kirra loves more than inducing a food comma from delicious snacks such as gum leaves, fairy bread or slam-dunking a pack of Tim Tam's.

When she's not snoozing, Kirra loves catching the summer breeze on the swing set at the park, or playing with puzzles and play dough. If you're ever in need of a big hug, Kirra will happily oblige.


Meet Riff

Meet Riff, the ultimate jokester of the group! 

Extremely silly and adventurous, Riff is all about playing sports and camping out under the stars.
Of course, Riffs favourite thing to play at the park would have to be the flying fox and he loves to pack his lunch box with a Vegemite sandwich and crispy chicken tenders.

Riff loves to make his friends laugh, especially when it comes to pulling out the recorder and playing a quirky song for them! Riff is the perfect pal for any little one up for a good giggle. 


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