Our Favourite Bathtime Essentials

Our Favourite Bathtime Essentials

We’re all about making the hard bits of parenting a bit less stressy and a lot more fun. One of the non-negotiable parenting tasks is cleaning your gremlin aka ‘bathtime’. Generally, it can go one of two ways: a lovely calming experience filled with smiles and declarations of love. OR? A messy, splashy, screamy, draining experience that zaps the loving feels right outta you. Hmpf.

Today, we want to share some fantastic bathtime essentials we love in the hope you go from ‘blah’ to ‘ahh’ come bathtime. 

Bubbles & Creams 

A bath without bubbles is like a morning without caffeine. No good. Choosing the right bubbles & creams can be a tall order. Fear not, we’ve scoured the land and found the ultimate packs to make bathtime smell very good while keeping your bub’s skin squishy and kissable. 


Baby skin deserves delicious smelling, no nasty, high-quality goodness. For that, we can’t go past Bunjie. Their range is 100% junk-free, plant-powered, pH balanced, vegan happy, microbiome friendly, nut-oil free and it’s suitable for newborns. Their products have been created by parents, for parents and are truly the standout when it comes to protecting the biome of our little ones skin. Magnifique! 


The masters of making bathtime fun and super colourful, Gro-To have released a Cool Kids Pack which includes Sud Bud, a bubbly plant-based body cleanser and Super Softy, a nourishing daily moisturiser. Both are formulated for little skin and are packed with the good stuff. 

Toothbrushes For Under 2

Once that first toothy-peg sprouts, adding a nightly brush to your bathtime routine is a must. Litte teeth need little brushes and these ones are hands-down our faves on the market. 

Haakaa 360° Silicone Toothbrush

The Haakaa 360° Silicone Toothbrush has soft silicone bristles that provide a 360° clean, removing all the plaque and providing your munchkin with a better overall cleaning experience. They look so pretty too! Our friends at Milkbar Breastpumps have clear, blue and pink in stock. Wooohoo!

Mushie Finger Toothbrush

You can build good brushing habits early with these 100% BPA-free, chemical-free Mushie Finger Toothbrushes. They are made from food-grade silicone and come in packs of two: one for you to teach and one for bub to learn. 

Water Time Toys

One way to make bathtime infinitely fun-ner is by adding toys. These beauties will inspire creativity, bath style.  

Honey Sticks Bath Crayons

Let their inner artist run free with these vibrant bath crayons. Easy-clean and food-grade, they are pure joy and stress-free. 

Scrunch Watering Can

Water-play doesn’t have to be messy. This watering can makes it easy for little ones to gather and pour. Being silicone, it’s a great sensory tool too. They are available in duck egg blue and dusty rose from our friends over at Lucas Loves Cars

Wash Mitt 

If your little one loves or loathes baths, this mitt will help create more fun in the tub and ease any worry they may feel in the water. Available in 5 cute characters, there’s a pal for everyone. 

Innovative Bathing Tools 

Want to make bathtime easier? These smart bath tools are a must! 


Hate kneeling and bending over a baby bathtub? Say hello to better bath times with the CharliChair - the stress-free and pain-free answer to infant bathing woes. 

Baby Damn

Got a big tub? Get a BabyDam and make the bathtime compact. No more sliding, just a cosy corner for your little one to play in. Even better, it saves time and water due to the tub size being halved. Win! 

Puj Foldable Bath 

Travelling or living somewhere sans-bath? The Puj Tub makes bath time easy for you and your little bubba. Made from soft foam that folds and conforms to most sinks, The Puj Tub cradles and protects your baby during bath time. It’s an ideal travel bath because it fits compactly into luggage too. 

Post-Bath Goodies 

If you can get your little one out of the bath, we have just what you need to make their wind-down time extra special. 

The Bathset

Made from 100% LUXE cotton, our NEW bath towels are a very generous 85 cm squared to grow with your little one. Featuring our much-loved characters they are guaranteed to be a firm fave for post-bath cuddles. was designed 85 cm squared to grow with your little one into their toddler years.

Yours in bathtime goodness, Emma & The Team at Riff Raff Baby x

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