What is Baby Boom Month?

What is Baby Boom Month?

Written by One Mama Midwife

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September has earnt itself the nickname of being the Baby Boom Month among many midwives and healthcare professionals. So, what is the Baby Boom Month? Simply put, the Baby Boom Month is the month with the highest average number of births. This blog will explore why September is often a very busy time of year for babies to be born as well as share some valuable tips for how to manage your birth during these busy times.

Why is September the busiest month for births?

There are a few theories as to why September is the Baby Boom Month, I like to think back 40 weeks from September and remember all of the happy events and memories around Christmas and the New Year. When all of those love hormones and oxytocin are flowing… Furthermore, some people may decide that their New Year's Resolution is to start trying for a baby, and why not start right away!! Here are a few other theories:

1. Summer is often synonymous with romance. Picture yourself on a romantic date on the beach with the warm summer air. These romantic dates may make you feel more in love with your partner and ready to start trying for a baby.

2. Family gatherings with kids running around and playing outdoors in the summertime can foster a sense of togetherness and longing for a family unit of their own. Watching families interact and have fun outside with their kids is one of the best ways to help pregnancy rates skyrocket!!

3. Maternity leave planning: Let’s be real, a lot of pregnancies are planned around work schedules and when a good time to go on leave may be. Wanting to be on maternity leave throughout the warmer Christmas and new year period, not wanting to be pregnant over summer and aligning with most companies calendars makes September an ideal month to have a baby.

So now that we know why many families choose to have their baby in September (or maybe it just happens), how can you navigate the hospital system during this busy time of year?

1. If possible, do your research on models of maternity care prior to falling pregnant. This will empower you to make the decision on who to have as your maternity care provider based on what suits you and your family the most. Don’t also feel that this is a lock in contract, if you are not happy with your maternity care provider at any time, you are able to change to another provider or model of care that is available.

2. Schedule your appointments early: As soon as you find out you are pregnant, book into your midwife, obstetrician or hospital. This will ensure that you will be able to pick appointment times that suit you and/or your partner as well as ensuring you don’t miss out on any important appointments or tests.

3. Book your antenatal classes early: Just as you want to book all of your tests and appointments early, you want to book your antenatal classes (with One Mama Midwife of course) early too so that you don’t miss out. Education is one of your biggest super powers to feeling empowered and excited for your birth, especially if navigating the busy hospital system.

4. Have good birth support: Having a good birthing support person can help to ease the stress of a busy hospital system and can help advocate for your preferences when in the hospital.

5. Create a birth plan: Now this isn’t a set of rules written down, but rather a collection of ideas and preferences to clearly discuss with the midwife what your plans are for your birth, what you would like, what you wouldn’t like and what your preferences are if interventions are recommended to you. It is always important to keep your birth plan flexible, while also understanding what your non-negotiable factors are for you (and this will look differently for everyone).

6. Try to be flexible and patient: It can be so frustrating when hospitals or appointments are running late and you have to wait – we totally get it!! It often means that as midwives we are stretched to our absolute capacity and are limited with what we are able to achieve in a normal timeframe. Remember, healthcare professionals are doing their best to provide you and all other families with the highest possible quality of care every single day.

7. Source your essential items early: As you now know there are lots of people having babies in September, which means that there will be lots of stock sold in September. In order to make sure that you have all of the essential items that you need for your baby when they’re born, it can be a good idea to source these as early as possible to ensure they don’t go out of stock when you need them. This includes your favourite Riff Raff Sleep Toy because you definitely don’t want to miss out on that!! Click here for a free hospital bag checklist.

8. Clear Communication is Key: Making sure that you have clear open communication with your healthcare provider is essential. Clear, effective communication can mean that your care expectations are met regardless of whether the system is busy or not. Busy hospital systems may mean that you may forget to ask certain questions you wanted to, make sure to go into your appointment with a written down list of questions so that you don’t forget when you get in the moment - I still do this as a healthcare professional myself!!

9. Remember, that no matter how busy your midwife, obstetrician or hospital is they will ALWAYS have time for you! If you are concerned or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. Always remember, you are never ever bothering anyone and the health of you and your baby is the most important thing. If you are ever worried about anything, especially your baby’s movements, please call the hospital immediately and do not wait.


September's reputation as a baby boom month is no coincidence. Various factors, including New Year's resolutions, the holiday spirit, increased family time and romantic summer dates can contribute to a surge in pregnancies that culminate in September births. If you find yourself expecting a September baby, it's essential to plan ahead and navigate the busy hospital system effectively.

By scheduling prenatal appointments early, booking your One Mama Midwife Antenatal Classes early, creating a birth plan, staying flexible and patient, packing essentials in advance, enlisting a support system, and communicating effectively, you can ensure a smoother and more positive birth experience, even during the busiest of times.

So, whether you're expecting a September baby or just curious about the baby boom phenomenon, remember that preparation, support, and communication are your allies in navigating the bustling world of maternity wards during this peak season. Last but not least, remember that your healthcare provider is NEVER too busy to help you with any concerns or questions, so please do not hesitate to contact them anytime you may need.