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Buying Your Backup Riff Raff - Are They Interchangeable?

Buying Your Backup Riff Raff - Are They Interchangeable?
Lots of our families end up buying at least two Riff Raffs.  The fear of losing it is one reason but from a practical point of view some families find it helpful to have a spare one for wash days, in the child care bag permanently or at Nanna's house.  

We get asked a lot by our customers looking to purchase their back-up toy 'My bubba is in love with Bandit - will they love another variety just as much if I get that as our second toy?' 

For a while we were not sure so we erred on the side of caution and suggested families stick to the original variety just to be safe.  Well now we have proof to the contrary.  In the form of my own son Louis.  

Riff (Foxy) was essentially designed for my son.  He got to keep my first decent sample finished soon after he turned two.  For 18 months they were inseparable, there is not a photo of Louis taken in 2016 that does not have Foxy in it.  They were best of friends and especially great for helping Louis transition to child care.  

What I thought was impossible has happened.  Kiko.  As soon the new characters Kiko & Clover were finished I bought Evie & Louis home one each.  They were excited, they had seen me working on them for months and as I expected Evie grabbed for Clover and Louis grabbed Kiko.  But this was no overnight novelty as I expected.  The next day Kiko is the one coming downstairs for breakfast. Kiko goes into the bag for childcare.  Kiko must be in bed every night playing his sweet lullaby. 

Poor Foxy.  I keep thinking he must feel like Woody from Toy Story.  I hope he gets his sequel one day soon.  I can't really explain why Louis thinks Kiko is so awesome but I can see now that the fact they are all the same weight, same fabric, similar shape and play the same sleepy tune all contribute to their interchangeableness. So for anyone out there wondering if your bubba will love the new one as much as the old one - I now say 'definitely'.  

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Nov 03, 2017 • Posted by Bec

We have Riff, Raff and Bandit and they get loved equally. Miss A (18m) chooses which one will keep her company each night and she always knows where they are around the house. One usually comes out with us too!

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