Buying Your Backup Riff Raff - Are They Interchangeable?

Buying Your Backup Riff Raff - Are They Interchangeable?

If you are reading this, your little one already has a bestie of their own. Now the question has come. Do you need a back up? The answer is YES!  

When designing these characters we ensure that every new pal passes the ‘is it Riff Raff?’ test. We could make every animal suggested to us, but we stick to a ‘look’ to ensure that your little ones can feel the familiarity when they meet their new bestie. This combined with the fact they ALL play the same unique sounds, makes half the bonding experience already nailed.  

The next question, do we get the same character or a different one? The earlier you introduce a back up, the stronger the bond will be. Here is a little guide to our recommendations depending on the age of your cutie. 

Birth - 7 months

If you have incorporated your pal in your sleep routine from the beginning, it is around the 3 month mark that your little one will start to handle, suck and cuddle their pal. Queue….. WASHING! The days of tethering your pal exclusively to the cot are most likely gone and, while supervised, they can start to associate the sound and sight of their pal with the touch. 

It is at this point you have the choice of all 5 characters as your back up. While Raffy is hanging out on the line drying, Bandit can be on duty soothing your little one while they sleep. While Kirra is waiting at Nanny and Pa’s house for the next sleepover, Riff or Clover can be in the car as a companion for those quick runs to the shops or long road trips. 
Grayson and his tribe of cuties @raising.our.littles

7 months- 18 months

Here is where it gets interesting. For 7 + months your little one has been bonding with their pal, transferring their own scent (and the rest! ) and building a friendship and trust along with sound and visual associations. 

Bringing an “imposter” into the mix, can sometimes, not always, be rejected. We have heard everything from “Take it back to the shops” to “That’s not Clover!” when introducing the same character as your back up at this highly developmental stage.   

From this stage we recommend a different character for new friendship, trust and bond to begin. As in the early days of introducing your first pal, we suggest no sudden changes. Incorporate both pals in your sleep routine. There is a period of getting to know their new pal and this has to happen in their own time with your encouragement. Eventually this will allow the freedom of either pal to be your little ones comfort. 
Bandit, Clover and Raffy hanging out with their cutie  @r.i.l.e.y_m.a.e 

18 months +  

Ask your toddler which character they would love as their next pal. Encourage their decision making skills so they feel involved and know their thoughts and feelings are important.


 If your little one is 3 (also known as a “Threenager”), you will just simply be told in no uncertain terms what is expected! 

Oscar and Oaklan showing 1 pal is certainly not enough!  @kiitamariie


Please know this is a guide! We know sooo many little ones out there with 6 or more of the same pal! However there will most likely be a favourite, amongst the pecking order! A who’s who’s depending on your little ones needs at the time. 

Remember you can purchase your Wash Day Spare without the sound box
as your back up. 

We know that whichever characters you choose, will be well loved in your home! 

Em x 

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  • We have Riff, Raff and Bandit and they get loved equally. Miss A (18m) chooses which one will keep her company each night and she always knows where they are around the house. One usually comes out with us too!

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