When It's Not Love At First Sight...

When It's Not Love At First Sight...

We get a lot of amazing reviews.  So if your bub is a bub who does not instantly fall in love with their Riff Raff & Sleep Toy it can be frustrating but it takes time for plenty of bubs.

Lots of bubs don't warm to a comforter quickly - my own daughter Evie was one of them.  It takes time and above anything it takes persistance.  And it is worth it.  Even if not for the sleep and self soothing aspect of these toys there are studies out that show real benefits for bubs and toddlers in having a comforter (otherwise known as a transitional object).  You can read a little more about that here.  

Some babies are suspicious of these toys from the get go.  They might hate it, throw it out of the cot, get angry at it - especially if they think it is designed to make them go to sleep or if it's going to mean they are away from their mum or dad.  Respect that they are onto you and are not going to be easily fooled - but there is a way around it.  It is through making them bond to the toy via you and your snuggles that will get them there.  

When it comes to these toys slow and steady is the key.  While we think the sleepy lullaby is pretty magical and was specially designed to be super calming - but it is not magic.  What these toys do is provide an avenue of comfort through touch, smell and sound so that your bubs can slowly transfer all those nice feelings they get from you, especially when tired or sick, to their new bestie - Riff Raff or Bandit.  And it can take time for that positive association to happen.

Our best tips for introduction:
Use consistently in the same way each day.  So in our house this meant holding our Riff with us on our lap while we read our post-bath bedtime books and cuddled so that the fabric our be against little hands, legs while doing something super special. 

Play the lullaby (whitenoise is under 6 months old) while gently settling to sleep no matter how you do it.  There is no wrong way to get a baby to sleep (sleep is sleep after all!) - there are just ones that take a lot more mummy or daddy time than others.  So if this means rocking, bouncing, hand holding then keep doing it but have the lullaby play while you do it, have the soft plush against them and make it as pleasant experience as it can be.  

Once you have a calm thing going slowly withdraw the mummy/daddy part.  In some families the withdrawing can take weeks but it is important you stick with it and take it slow.  This can mean different things depending one what method you use to get them to sleep but some examples might be:

  • rocking a little less vigorously each night
  • reducing the duration of the rocking and holding them in still arms
  • reducing the length of feed and removing the nipple or bottle just before they are fully asleep
  • patting on the bum for less time and keeping a still hand on them

It starts off as just a few mins less time settling, a tiny bit less resistance to sleep but if you can consistently and slowly keep chipping away at it they will seek comfort in the toy and out of the blue one day they will reach for their Bandit and snuggle down.  

If you would like any extra tips for settling your baby with a RR&co toy send us an email and we can help where we can.  
Em x

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