Achieve Longer Sleep in the Cooler Months

Achieve Longer Sleep in the Cooler Months

Achieve Longer Sleep in the Cooler Months

As the seasons begin to turn, you may start to see a change in your little ones sleep habits. Are random wake ups starting to occur somewhere between 3-5 am? Is your little one starting their day at 5 or 5.30 instead of 6.30? Illnesses keeping them up? Believe it or not, this IS normal. 
The coldest part of the night is between 3-5 am, just before dawn. It is not necessary to leave the heating or cooling on all night.  What you can do is monitor your babies room temp and ensure they are dressed appropriately.
Babies control their temperature predominantly through their face and head. A good way to check your baby’s temperature is to feel the baby’s back or tummy, which should feel warm. Please don’t worry if your baby’s hands and feet feel cool, again this is normal. 



Choose Sleeping Bags and Swaddles Over Blankets 

To have peace of mind your little ones are wrapped perfectly for the temperature of the room, sleeping bags eliminate the constant monitoring of blankets ensuring they are not being kicked off during the night. Using the guide above, you can measure the tog of the sleeping bag and adjust layers accordingly. Here are the brands we love! 

Ergo Pouch 

We love everything about this Australian company! These beautiful products are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and bamboo, non-toxic certified and friendly on skin. From Cocoon Swaddle Bags for newborns bubs through to Kids Sleep Suit Bags to Size 6, ErgoPouch have your little ones sleep stage needs beautifully designed. With gorgeous prints to choose from and even a Mumma and Mini gift pack, your only decision to make is which one?

Love to Dream  

Swaddling a newborn baby may calm their 'startle reflex' which wakes them up & disturbs their sleep. It helps eliminate anxiety by imitating your touch, which helps your baby learn to self-sooth. It also keeps their little hands off  their face and helps prevent scratching. Love to Dreams SWADDLE UP™ helps baby to settle quickly & establish a peaceful sleep routine. Importantly, it completely removes the need for loose blankets in the cot/crib, making it a safer option for babies.

Seasonal Illness 

Sickness can unfortunately be really problematic during the winter months, in turn, causing havoc when it comes to your little one’s sleep. Here are some points to keep in mind.


Safety Note: It is really important that SIDS safe sleeping guidelines are followed and no soft toys should be in the crib with your baby under 7 months of age. 

Tara, The Gentle Sleep Specialist
has some great advice. “If your little one is self settling, we recommend continuing to offer them the opportunity to settle independently, even when they are sick. If they are having trouble settling, then absolutely step in and give your bub some comfort as required.  Essentially, it’s just about trying to keep good habits in play where possible, but with no pressure should you need to play more of a role”

 “Try to keep your little one in their own sleep space rather than bringing them into bed with you. This may mean a mattress on the floor. This much easier to remove that after a few nights than it is to re orientate your bub back into their own room. We also encourage parents to keep in mind that when your little ones are running high temperatures, having them in bed with you or having prolonged skin to skin contact can raise their body temperature even more”

We would love to hear your must haves for these cooler months. 

Yours in warm sleepiness, Em x

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